Rouble payments to / from Russia

As a customer to OP Corporate Bank plc Latvia branch you can make payments in roubles and invoice your receivables from Russia in rubles.

OP Bank routes payments through the correspondent bank AO UniCredit Bank, Moscow  (IMBKRUMM).

Rouble payments to Russia

When making a rouble payment to Russia, it is necessary to include following information requested by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation:

  • Complete name and address (including the city) of the beneficiary
  • Beneficiary’s account number (20 digits)
  • Beneficiary’s INN (10 digit taxpayer’s identification code)
  • Complete name and address (including the city) of the beneficiary’s bank
  • BIK (9 digits) of the beneficiary’s bank
  • Account number of the beneficiary’s bank in the Russian Central Bank (20 digits)
  • VO-code (code of currency transaction), the letters VO + 5 digit payment code (written in format VO12345). Payments without the VO-code or with an incorrect VO-code will be returned.
  • Explanation of the payment in English, the number and date of the contract (in payment details field)
  • NDS (VAT) amount. If no VAT is imposed on the goods or services, then you must add a remark "BEZ NDS"

Enter the information in the following form:

Beneficiary’s account number: Account number/INN numberBeneficiary’s bank:     Line 1: /BIK 04xxxxxxx/beneficiary bank
acc no. in the Russian Central Bank/name of the beneficiary’s bank
Line 2: address of the beneficiary’s bankPayment purpose, obligatory info: VO + payment purpose code (written together), contract number and date (in English)                                                                                                                   

For example:

(VO13040) for goods as per contract No… dated…


(VO20050) payment for freight as per contract no… dd…

NB! Russian banks do not accept payments with incomplete information, so you should find out about the payment purpose code from the beneficiary in advance. 

Beneficiary´s account numbers in Russian banks have 20-digits. Shorter account numbers are not allowed. In ruble payments currency code RUB is used.

 Rouble payments from Russia

When invoicing from Russia in roubles, standards from Russian Central Bank must be followed. Due to this providing bank information is according to following.

Beneficiary´s bank information must include not only beneficiary´s bank (OP Corporate Bank plc Latvia branch) account number but also the BIK-code and the account number of OP Corporate Bank plc Latvia branch's correspondent (UniCredit) with Russian Central Bank added with the INN-number.

Beneficiary´s account no:

LVxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx with

Beneficiary´s bank:    

OP Corporate Bank plc Latvia branch

Riga, Latvia


Account with UniCredit Bank Moscow:










Contact information

OP Corporate Bank plc Latvia Branch
+371 67 777 007
Muitas iela 1, Riga
LV-1010, Latvia