OP Gateway

Service that allows company to connect accounting program with the Bank


OP Gateway is a secure, reliable, and standardized channel for companies that works with various bank connection and ledger software. Through the channel, you can send and receive your company's payment transaction data between the banks and your own software. It can be flexibly integrated with your company's systems, such as financial management software and ERP systems.

This is the way how to automate everyday routines that relate to information exchange with the bank, like payment file sending, receiving information of payment status and account statement receiving into company’s accounting program.

Service/ solution is based on REST architecture and as a file format for communication is used ISO 20022 XML.

Data exchange authorization:

  • OP Gateway connection for communication in authorization is used certified authentication (X.509 public key infrastructure)
  • Regular HTTPS used to maintain secure connection
  • Sertifikāts (CRS Certificate Signing request)

Payment file signing must be processed before payment file is sent out of company’s accounting program.


  • Payment file sending directly from company’s accounting program to the bank
  • Answer of payment status directly in to company’s accounting program
  • Account statement from bank to accounting program with prefered frequency


  • Common techical solution in all three Baltic countries
  • Automated every day cooperation with the Bank

Steps for introducing service:

  • Current account in OP Corporate Bank plc Latvia Branch
  • Signed agreement of OP Gateway service
  • Addapt company’s accounting programs functionalities to adapt for connection with OP Gateway soution.

To get more detailed information about OP Gateway call us, phone number +371 6780 4868, +371 6780 4867 during business days 09:00-17:00.