NetBank is an internet based service that enables remote control of the accounts with the Bank. 

NetBank enables you to:

  • receive information on the account balances and the transactions made, as well as concluded overdraft agreements;
  • receive and export the Account statements into a file for the further automatic processing in the accounting system;
  • make domestic, standing order and cross-border payments;
  • import the previously prepared payment files;
  • conclude currency conversions;
  • receive up-to-date information on currency buy/sale rates of the Bank, as well as on the exchange rates of the Bank of Latvia;
  • send and receive message to / from the Bank .

NetBank user rights can be differentiated by user specific profiles.  One user can be connected to more than one account.

The company shall enter into NetBank agreement, by determining persons authorized to use NetBank, their user rights and limits.

Each user shall conclude a separate E-user agreement with the Bank.

Users can authenticate themselves with a code calculator, Smart-ID and Estonian ID card.