Multicurrency current account

Multicurrency current account is for corporate customers for conducting everyday transactions. The account main currency is EUR. It is possible to open sub-accounts and conduct non-cash settlements in all commonly used currencies. 

Advantages of multicurrency current account:

  • all transactions in various currencies can be done from one a single account – no need to open and maintain several accounts;
  • in case of receiving or sending a payment in a currency for which a sub-account not yet exists, it will be opened automatically;
  • currency conversions can be performed between the sub-accounts;
  • assigned overdraft or intraday overdraft are available.

After the account is opened, you can perform all the account related operations in internet-based NetBank.

To get more detailed information about account opening please call the Bank on phone number +371 6780 4868, +371 6780 4867 during business days 09:00-17:00.