Currency Exchange

We are offering fast and convenient foreign exchange deals online using OP’s smart currency exchange trading tools. You can choose the most suitable tool for you company’s needs.

Your company's foreign exchange deals and currency hedging can be done online with all the most tradable currencies, whenever and wherever you are.

Currency exchange is available in:

  • Netbank, if currency exchange deals are rarely needed and transaction amount does not exceed 50 000 EUR.
  • OP E-FX, if transaction amount exceeds 50 000 EUR and transactions are performed regularly, and you want to use a convenient and simple tool online, which also provides reports on historical transactions.
  • OP FX Manager, starting from 50 000 EUR, solution is useful if your company often needs currency exchange, it will allow to follow up market rates online and possible currency hedge deals. It is possible to import files from ERP program with planned deals and receive reports online.

Currency exchange can be made within the working hours of the Bank on the business days in Latvia and Finland. Holidays in Finland can be found in the Info section.

Contact information

OP Corporate Bank plc Latvia Branch
+371 67 777 007
Muitas iela 1, Riga
LV-1010, Latvia