“OP Finance” SIA starts the merger with OP Corporate Bank plc in Latvia


OP Financial Group has started a process to streamline and simplify group structure in Finland and the Baltics. As a part of the process, the merger of the leasing service provider “OP Finance” SIA with OP Corporate Bank plc has been initiated. The merger will result in improved Group management processes and OP Financial Group in Latvia will continue to provide high-level service to existing and potential customers. It is planned to complete the merger process by the end of 2021. The merger will not affect the existing customer leasing agreements, and the customers do not have to take any additional actions right now. Upon completion of the merger OP Corporate Bak plc Latvia Branch will continue to provide the financial services of “OP Finance” SIA taking over also the existing liabilities. Detailed and up-to-date information will be provided to the customers during the merger process.