OP Corporate Bank plc Latvia Branch starts cooperation with SIA Jūrmalas siltums


OP Corporate Bank plc Branch of the Finnish Bank in Latvia has signed an agreement with SIA Jūrmalas siltums regarding a long-term loan in the amount of EUR 8.311 million.

“Offering competitive and economically beneficial conditions, OP Bank is strengthening its position on the Latvian market, becoming a cooperation partner to an even bigger number of private, state and local government companies. Jūrmalas Siltums has also joined the team of our cooperation partners and we can say with certainty that all of the inhabitants of Jurmala will be the real winners of this cooperation,” emphasizes Elmārs Prikšāns, the head of the OP Corporate Bank plc Latvia Branch.

OP Corporate Bank plc Latvia Branch acquired the right to issue a loan to SIA Jūrmalas siltums in the amount of EUR 8.311 million through a competition, by submitting the most economically beneficial offer. The funding is planned for projects related to the modernisation of the thermal energy and centralised heating supply systems in Jurmala. The agreement on the long-term loan has been concluded for five years.