In Cooperation with OP Corporate Bank plc, HEAD bought 100th MAN vehicles in its fleet


One of the leading international cargo transportation company in Latvia – HEAD SIA – has received its 100th MAN truck. The purchase of the new MAN TGX truck units from Avar Auto, the official and sole MAN importer in Latvia, was financed by OP Corporate Bank plc in Latvia in amount of more than eight million euro during last three years.

In 2020, HEAD was the first in Latvia who bought the new generation MAN TGX. Its modern cabin design is particularly characterised by driver-oriented ergonomics and functionality.

Ilvija Veite, member of the Board of Avar Auto, emphasises: “Yes, the number 100 has been reached. This comes at a very significant time, in the 20th anniversary year of Avar Auto. During these years, the company has grown and become a stable and reliable partner for car transporters, who, like HEAD, make everyday life easier for thousands of Latvian citizens. This company is not only our customer, but also a teacher whose cooperation we have learned a lot from.”

Speaking about HEAD's future plans, Edgars Keišs, chairman of the Board, said: “We are not planning to stop. Overall, we are looking to the future with a positive outlook. We started the cooperation and then came Covid-19, followed by other challenges. There have been ups and downs, but we're moving forward. It is only through working together as a team that we all manage to achieve what we set out to do. All of us, the office staff, together with the drivers on the road and the car financiers at OP Corporate Bank plc, are one big team which is moving and will move forward. I hope to see a few hundred more MANs in a few years.”

Elmārs Prikšāns, head of OP Corporate Bank plc in Latvia, also emphasises: “OP Corporate Bank plc is pleased to cooperate with HEAD by providing financing for the purchase of new, more environmentally friendly tractor units. We support green-minded companies and bring sustainable development into all areas of the bank's activities based on the ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) approach.”

The company's choice of the MAN TGX model is special in that it has very low fuel consumption, achieved through its six-cylinder D26 engine and improved aerodynamics. This is also confirmed by Trucker, one of the leading truck driver magazines in German-speaking countries, which is renowned in the industry for its comprehensive test reports. In the Trucker super test: “[...] electronics are doing their bit, making MAN a less frequent visitor at the petrol station. That's because the 480 TGX clearly set a new fuel consumption record on the Trucker super test track, with the MAN six-cylinder engine impressively proving that it's far from old-fashioned.”