OP Group in collaboration with Vītols Fund grants an anniversary scholarship


In October 2018, OP Group celebrated their 10th anniversary in Latvia. Marking this event, OP Group, in collaboration with Vītols Fund, established a scholarship and invited their clients to consider the possibility of supporting the most talented young people in Latvia by donating with the mark “Donation for the anniversary scholarship”.

On 26 August of this year the team of OP Bank and Elmārs Prikšāns, head of OP Corporate Bank plc Latvia Branch, met with their scholarship holders — Liega Krasovska and Krists Auznieks. After the scholarship award ceremony, both young people had the opportunity to meet the bank personnel and gain an impression about the day-to-day work at a bank.

After the event, the scholarship holders sent very heartfelt messages with words of appreciation to the team of OP Bank and all contributors.

“I am really grateful that among the many candidates I was the one who was chosen to be granted the scholarship. I believe that the scholarship will serve as an important stepping stone for achieving my goals which are, in fact, really big. I know that there will come a time when I will be able to give back what I have received by contributing to Latvian society as a whole. Though, in all my achievements I will always remember you who trusted me and reached out a hand at the right moment, so I could more easily reach the top,” Liega Krasovska writes in her letter.

OP Group in Latvia thanks all our clients who found a chance to financially support the to-be students by creating the sense in young people that there are those willing to give a helping hand in a tough situation.