Employment opportunities

Employment opportunities

OP Financial Group is Finland's leading financial services group. Its main business segments are Banking, Non-life Insurance and Wealth Management. OP Group is Finland's largest employer in the financial sector. Currently, more than 12,000 finance professionals are employed by OP companies, including 300 employees in the Baltic states.

OP Financial Group continues to grow and develop so that it can constantly offer new services to more than 4 million customers in Finland and in the Baltic states. OP strategy is closely linked to the core values of the company - responsibility, people-first approach and the principle of prospering together. As an enterprise of considerable regional importance, OP Group strives to promote not only the long-term development, security and prosperity of our customers, but also that of society as a whole.

OP Corporate Bank plc

Banking is the most important business line of OP Financial Group. To ensure wider international availability of services provided by OP Corporate Bank plc, the central bank of OP Financial Group, a branch bank was opened in Latvia in September 2012. The branch offers wealth management, lending, bank guarantees, transactions with derivatives, leasing and other banking services to corporate customers. For many Latvian companies, especially in agriculture, productive industry, energy and transportation sector, OP Corporate Bank plc is a strong financial partner in their efforts to ensure continuous development and modernisation.

OP Finance SIA

OP Financial Group launched its operations in the Latvian leasing market in 2008. Since then, OP Finance has grown to be a comprehensive bank leasing company, serving corporate customers. OP Finance offers legal entities financial leasing, operational leasing, lending and seasonal financing, as well as tailored financing services for specific sectors.

As an employee of OP Financial Group, you will join an excellent, highly experienced team that will help you advance your career. We work together, support each other's creative ideas, take pride in each other's successes, enjoy coffee breaks, see off colleagues going on parental leave and celebrate the anniversaries of our customers.

We are a socially active company operating in strict accordance with our values. We believe that every working day is an opportunity to make society more prosperous and secure. Join us to create a better future!

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